Say no to the denigration of East Germany

One of the things you notice after being in eastern Germany for a while is the continuous ideological warfare against the GDR. It happens at so many levels, from everyday conversation through to official policies by the government. One of the most pernicious is to suggest that communism is no different from fascism (thanks Hannah Arendt, you western liberal, for that one). And it happens because the sensibilities and traces of the GDR persist and refuse to disappear – including the Frei Deutsche Jugend. Indeed, it’s quite clear that the majority of the citizens of the GDR did not want to be overrun and colonised by West Germany. So the latest effort by the German government is to consider a ban on symbols from the GDR.

But you can do your little bit to indicate how many people are opposed to this measure by signing the online petition – here.


3 thoughts on “Say no to the denigration of East Germany

  1. Thank you for promoting the petition and its cause.
    (And thanks, by the way, for that little sideswipe at Hannah Arendt. She’s definitely undercritisized.)

    Oh, and I happened to meet the people from FDJ, who seem to be constantly harrassed by the police. The reason being (besides the obvious class-related reason): The FDJ had a western branch, which was banned before the so-called ‘reunification’, but as a result of the unification negotiations the eastern FDJ wasn’t banned after 1990. But strangely the police insists that the FDJ is a banned group, although they have to let the go free every time.

    I thought you might be interested in hearing some topic-related experiences. 😉 Please keep on with your blog. Thank you.

    1. Thanks Mathias. In the Oberlausitz area I heard of FDJ representatives still speaking regularly at schools to encourage students to join the movement, but didn’t know they are harassed by the police – no surprise though.

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