In the footsteps (and vestments) of Mao

After a visit to the great revolutionary centre of Yan’an, where the reds reformed after the Long March in the 1930s, I have found a few more items to add to my collection. Yan’an is of course the ‘cradle of the revolution,’ the base from which the communists eventually defeated the nationalists and established the People’s Republic of China.

Plenty of these about, a must really for any household:


And of course my own attire has been enhanced immeasurably:

IMG_1772 (2)a

All from the wonderful Yan’an Revolutionary Memorial Hall, a museum with something like 35,000 items from those times. More on that soon enough.


All for the sake of research into venerating revolutionary leaders …


5 thoughts on “In the footsteps (and vestments) of Mao

  1. Love it. The second picture is great! Maybe we should swap it out for the one currently on the ctr website. I think it would be more apropos.

  2. We took 2 of our teenage grandkids to Vietnam a couple of years ago and visited the Reunification Palace in HCM City..
    There, on the lawn inside the gate was, ostensibly, the same T 54/55 tank that bashed down the gates on my birthday in 1975.
    They [the fellas in uniforms with guns at the gate] let me in to touch it.
    My grandson, a World of Warfare [I think that’s the title] computer game fan knowing me as a non-violent pacifist was most confused.

    1. The Chinese call it Red tourism. Next for me in China is Ruijin, where the first soviets were established before the long march. But I am fascinated by venerated and embalmed revolutionary leaders. Missed Lenin by 2 minutes a couple of years ago but will make up for it September. Then Ho Chi Minh, the two Kims, etc.

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