Communist last supper

Last Supper

11 thoughts on “Communist last supper

    1. Engles is not occupying the position of Judas. Judas is 3rd face to the left of Jesus in the last supper — making it Gorby. Totally appropriate.

  1. Thank you! Looks like I got a new desktop wallpaper.
    The best thing is probably Gorbachev as Judas, Lenin as Marx’ most beloved pupil and Stalin as St. Peter. Great.
    “And I say also unto thee, That thou art Stalin, and from this steel I will build my party; and the gates of fascism shall not prevail against it.” Castro 16:18 JTV (Josip-Tito-Version)

  2. Trying to identify all individuals – Marx (Jesus) to the left – Engels (Thomas) Mao (James Major) Ho Chi Minh (Philip) Fidel Castro (Matthew) Kim Il Sung (Thaddeus) Che Guevara (Simon)

    On the right of Marx – Lenin (John) Stalin (Peter) Gorbachev (Judas) Joseph Tito (Andrew) NOT SURE WHO THE LAST TWO INDIVIDUALS ARE?

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