It’s easy to become bored with political scandals. The same, unoriginal trio keeps turning up: sex, money, and power. So full credit to a certain Australian politician for at least an original twist. As ‘The Drinks Business‘ reports:

Peter Dowling MP, the member for Redlands in Queensland’s state parliament sent images to his secret mistress, which included a photo of his private parts in a glass of red wine. No details of which wine it was in have been released.

Or, as the Courier Mail reports:

A state MP had been exposed as a serial sexter, sending images to his secret mistress including a picture of his penis plonked in a glass of red wine.

‘He wanted a Red Wine …,’ Mr Dowling said in the text message sent with the image of his penis in the glass. Another image shows a grinning Mr Dowling holding the wine glass in a cheers salute.

It is believed some of the pictures were taken in his parliamentary annex office.

But it gets better, for our honourable member of parliament was the chair of the Ethics Committee for the Queensland parliament. Past tense, of course, for he has since resigned.

At least he gets maybe 3.5 out of 10 for originality, but perhaps 9 out of 10 for such a wonderful advertisement for bourgeois democracy.