Is this the best piped music ever? My Neck, My Back (sensitive listener warning)

Walking along the streets in Yan’an, in northern Shaanxi Province, we heard this song blaring out in the centre of town:

Yes, it was musak, or piped music, providing us all with a tranquil atmosphere on a lovely summer’s day in the mountains.  I guess it helps if only two people in town can understand the lyrics. I’m told it’s been voted the most obscene song ever made.


One thought on “Is this the best piped music ever? My Neck, My Back (sensitive listener warning)

  1. There is nothing in this song that is obscene, no not a word even if it was seen.
    The devil in people wants people to give a warning about the normal activity of sex or seeing the parts real of fantasy as in anthropomorphic furry art. There are no warning lights or sirens sounding when a person is about to sign up for a profession subtly getting people entangled in war. Police are at war with people and pets. Not warning lights when the thought of revenge enters the mind. Non verbal voice says; it is all right, lying to them. No warning when people about to be selfish. No warning about an undercurrent of hate harbored against a perceived enemy refusing to do good to them when they need it. There are no visual or audible warnings when a person begins to think that they are better than anther. That makes for a person to be aggressive oppressing with man made laws to make stone throwing appear to be a god thing. No warnings about not being like Jesus is. No warnings when people only seek their own not seeing to love all.

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