The other day as I was out at the shops, I was pondering my chapter in Idols of Nations called ‘Adam Smith the Story-Teller’. But I needed a piss, so to the toilets near the shops I went. Minding my own ‘business’ and deep in thought, I completed the required task and made to leave. As I did so, the door in the cubicle before me creaked open to reveal a somewhat hairy man with his pants around his ankles. One hand was busily at work upon a very visible ‘hand’ while the other raised a finger and beckoned to me invitingly. A lop-sided grin on the man’s face completed the picture. I can say that it was not enough to entice me to join him. Even though the image remains etched on my brain, I must have been there for a nano-second, for before I knew I was out and in the shops. The thing is, he was a dead-ringer for this guy: