Just completed a PhD? If so, you are probably completely sick and tired of the whole process. The last thing you want to do is engage in further research, since the PhD thesis was like scaling a Mt. Everest of information, ideas, and directions. Who would want to do that again in the near future?

So take a tip from a film director, whose name escapes me: after a first blockbuster, make your second film quickly. There’s plenty of ideas in your head, many of which could not make it into a PhD. You have done the reading and thinking. So write that second book quickly. Six months is all it needs, for a sharp, short book.

Why? That way you realise it doesn’t take another massive effort to complete a writing project. By the time you have finished, new ideas will be forming, further books planned.

Too often I meet people who peaked with a PhD. It may have been a solid, perhaps even influential work that made it into a book. Then they fiddle, become distracted, think of a second book that would surpass the PhD and make a huge splash. A year, two years, a decade flows by, with no result. Some bury themselves in teaching, others are seduced by administrative positions and the associated crumbs of power. By now the chance is gone, and what may appear is a strangled effort, squeezed out between short nights and the petty political games of overblown egos.

Forget all that crap. Get your head down and write the second book, quickly.