Embalming our leaders … under water

A curious angle on my new project: Embalming our Leaders. This one is an under water museum of leaders in Olenevka, Crimea. It includes Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Zinovyev, Dzerzhinsky, Kirov, Voroshilov, Gorky, and others. Specific picture here and here.

(ht sk)


2 thoughts on “Embalming our leaders … under water

  1. Here’s a flashback for you.
    Remember a short while ago you/we commented on Vladimir’s evaluation of the ALP as a [partial] result of me posting a link to Bill Mitchell’s blog?
    Well a few days ago Bill quoted Vladimir at length in his blog.
    See here:
    Bill’s comment?
    “Not much has changed today, except the centre of the political spectrum has moved significantly to the right and the Labor party has gone with it.”

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