Memoria Ethnographica: call for papers (with a slight twist)

This is a place where you should publish at least one article: Memoria Ethnographica.

The journal is published at the North University Centre of the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca. It is based in Baia Mare, in the Maramures district of Transylvania (where I have been on a couple of occasions). Articles are published in both English and Romanian. The editor has made an urgent call for papers, especially by international authors. The twist: the due date is November 9.

So the call is: if you have a decent article that deals with anthropological and ethnographic matters, and if you can complete it by November 9, then the editor is interested. Contact me via comments and I will be able to identify your email address – that is, unless you know my email address already.

Go on, you can do it. These are the places where real work gets published, and the journal is published in one of the great parts of the world.


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