Some advice from Mao on how the brain functions:

Lenin and Stalin often advised people to use their brains, and we should give the same advice. This mechanism, the brain, has the special function of thinking. Mencius said, “The office of the mind is to think.” He defined the function of the brain correctly. We should always use our brains and think everything over carefully. A common saying goes, “Knit the brows and you will hit upon a stratagem.” In other words, much thinking yields wisdom. In order to get rid of the practice of acting blindly which is so common in our Party, we must encourage our comrades to think, to learn the method of analysis and to cultivate the habit of analysis. There is all too little of this habit in our Party. If we get rid of our baggage and start up the machinery, if we march with light packs and know how to think hard, then we are sure to triumph (Our Study and the Current Situation, 1944).