How to contest elections, Kosovo style

Last Sunday, elections were held in Kosovo for mayors and local councillors. One of the more interesting parties that contested the elections is the Strong Party. With the slogan, ‘we always promise!’, the party has appealed to young people disaffected by the grey managerialism of liberal democracies. Policies include:

1. Legalizating corruption, so it is no longer corruption.

2. Decreasing the divorce rate by making marriage illegal.

3. The creation of non-working jobs, since 60% of people in Kosovo still have working jobs.

4. Installation of urinals at the entrance of all apartment buildings.

The party is led by the Legendary Leader, with all other members as vice-presidents.

A much needed return of satire to politics.


5 thoughts on “How to contest elections, Kosovo style

      1. Brilliant.They need to emphasize this small, but important fact much more, as it has not been noted anywhere else in the reporting about the Strong Party.

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