A blast from the Cold War past

As I opened the second volume of Stalin’s Collected Works, which I bought from a second hand bookshop in Kansas (!), a slip of paper fell out with the following notice:

This material is filed with the Department of Justice where the required statement, under the Foreign Agents Registration Act, of Four Continent Book Corporation, 156 Fifth Avenue, New York 10, N.Y., as an agent of Mezhdunarodnaja Kniga, Moscow, USSR, is available for public inspection. Registration does not indicate approval or disapproval of this material by the United States Government.

What a lovely piece of Cold War doublespeak, from somewhere in the 1950s. Nice to know that they checked the collection.


4 thoughts on “A blast from the Cold War past

  1. It reminds me of how a professor of mine brought in a copy of Ayatollah Khomeini’s book, which the Defense Department publishing arm had evocatively titled “Ayatollah Khomeini’s Mein Kampf.” Opposite end of the political spectrum, but still a hilarious title to bestow on a dry collection theoretical texts on Islamic government.

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