Yesterday, Mika (who is visiting here with Elisa from Finland), mentioned this intriguing observation by none other than Mussolini:

Nothing is more relativistic than fascist mentality and activism [attività]. If universal relativism and action are equivalent, then we are fascist, we who have always boasted that we don’t give a damn about the nominalisms to which the bigots of the other parties always cling as bats on rafters; we, who had the courage to smash all the traditional political categories and to call ourselves from time to time: aristocrats and democrats, revolutionaries and reactionaries, proletarians and antiproletarians, pacifists and anti-pacifists—we are truly the relativist par excellence, and our movement calls upon the most current trends of the European spirit. (Mussolini, Opera omnia, 17: 267–69).

So fascism is the most radical relativism, which then expresses the European spirit …