Necessary items for immigrating to Australia

Following on my last post about silly questions people ask about Australia, here is a list of items my grandparents brought with them when immigrating to Australia in the late 1950s (from the Netherlands). They believed that these items were not available in a wild and prehistoric country:

– Lounge and dining furniture, made of heavy Dutch oak

– Bedroom furniture for a family of nine

– Linen and curtains

– New crockery and dinner set

– Cutlery, especially a large meat and vegetable cutter

– Several sets of thick Dutch clothing for the whole family

– Nylon stockings

– Large wooden washing machine

– Lamp shades

– A whole chest of Omo (washing powder) and a vast supply of pot scrubbers.

The whole country was of course deeply indebted to my grandparents for bringing these items of civilisation, for until then people had lived in the trees. (ht cb)


5 thoughts on “Necessary items for immigrating to Australia

  1. Aach, forgot the two kerosene cookers, saucepans and my ice skates. And probably a lot more…Opa stated he wanted to arrive ‘fully fitted out’ befitting a pioneer.

      1. Still have them. The Emigration Information Service in the Netherlands told me that I could ride them on the icy waters in wintry Victoria, and many other places Australia. They were not meant for ice-skating rinks, which were few and far between.

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