Should you provide clean sheets when guests stay the night?

At this time of year, more people than usual tend to stay the night for whatever reason. The polite thing to do as a host is provide clean sheets, clean towels, and a clean bathroom (at least). But then you have to wash the whole damn lot after they leave. So may I suggest a more practical approach: save the washing until after they have left. Who will notice that the sheets have been slept in already, that the towels are a bit on the nose, or that the bathroom has scum and streaks all over it? Alternatively, it may be more practical to keep some linen for guests – just wash it after, say, a dozen guests have used it.


6 thoughts on “Should you provide clean sheets when guests stay the night?

    1. There must be some standards. I suggest that if the linen is obviously soiled, for whatever reason, you may consider changing it. But if it is a little used, smells somewhat, then no reason to change it. After all, we spend too much time blocking out all those lovely, earthy smells of life.

  1. Thank you, Deane. I may now take my own sheet bag, which I usually carry when staying at Roland’s, etc., out of my travel bag!

  2. A famous author recently said:
    “I was also in areas where water is scarce, so washing was something I left behind as an unnecessary appurtenance of wimpiness. But would I smell, I wondered? So I plastered on an extra layer of deodorant, hoping it might last for a bit. It did until somewhere on the second day. ”
    Hence, the bottom line is not the sheets but the shower. Which is takes more time to clean than putting some sheets in the washing machine.

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