Mean little people versus a trace of socialism

Has the French President, François Hollande, recalled a trace of socialism? The new super-tax on those earning over 1 million euro is set to go ahead. In a nice twist, it will be companies and employers who pay the 75% tax if they pay an employee over the ceiling. Of course, it is a weak measure and should really kick in no higher than 100,000 euro per annum.

Contrast the latest proposal by those ‘mean little people‘ in power in Australia, with the clueless Tony Abbott in charge. In order to save some pennies penalise low-income earners, they have proposed a $6 fee for those who visit doctors who charge only the medicare rate (and thereby charge nothing to the patient). Obviously, this targets the poor. Such vision!


16 thoughts on “Mean little people versus a trace of socialism

  1. The French super tax is only expected to raise an additional €210m company tax. But existing government revenues are in excess of €1 trillion. That is, it will provide a 0.02% increase in company taxes: easily recouped (and probably much more so) by companies adopting slightly more aggressive “tax minimisation” policies.

    Meanwhile, the net pay received by those “high earners” who earn over €1m is unaffected. They’re not paying anymore tax.

    So this does not even give off the slightest whiff of socialism – it is pure window-dressing, with no economic effect.

    Meanwhile, poverty and unemployment rates are increasing steadily. No egalité in sight…

    1. Of course, and the wage relation itself is not touched. Yet it is the merest whiff what is needed, and it beats the mean little people. As I’ve said earlier, all you need as a temporary measure is to cut wages at the average wage – $70,000 in Australia. Authoritarian communism is what we need.

      1. We’ve had relatives of Abbott and co on this side of the Tasman who have been mean little people for the last five years. Still – it could be worse.

      2. “Non sequiturs”? Sounds like educated talk to me. In any proper state socialist system, you’d be immediately classified a depositee, made to dig your own grave, and bludgeoned to death.

        Stalin and Mao were soft-cocks!

        Pol Pot gave us “authoritarian communism” at its purist!!

        Only an Agrarian Communist Utopia, as erected by Brother Number One, can save us from the horror of Tony Abbott!!!

      3. What? You know about false dichotomies as well as non sequiturs?

        And yet you maintain that the only alternative to neo-liberal bourgeois democracy is Stalinist-Maoist state socialism?

  2. The Glocalisation of Christianity in China!

    The Glocalisation of Christianity in China!!!

    Glocalisation! I first heard this term in the film Up In the Air, and thought that it was a clever parody of mindless marketing-speak, and I laughed and laughed in the movie theatre. But it turns out that “glocalisation” had been invented by mindless academics, decades before.

    Still, it makes me laugh every time I hear it.

    1. I’m afraid so, it’s doing the rounds. You should propose a paper, for that conference in those boggy tiny islands off the western peninsula of the Eurasian landmass, called ‘Loglobalising NZ’s Chinese Christians’. I much prefer ‘Loglobalising’ – sounds much more like what it really is.

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