In the unending cycle produced by bourgeois democracy, that curious regime of conservatives and liberals in power in Australia for a little while are starting to sound more and more like a hysterical minority. The tired old game of school curriculum reform is on the agenda again, with much bleating about the curriculum being hijacked by gays, greenies, and feminists (this is news to me, as to many others). The answer: discourage critical thinking and foster the ‘Western heritage.’ To be added here is the claim that the ‘Anglosphere’ is the prime identity of Australia, which is really a code for some long-lost connection with the UK.

Like a majority of Australians, this is meaningless for me. We have no connection, whether through kinship or culture, with what these strangely deluded people are saying. So why do they do it? Apart from the necessity of hurdles that must be constructed to get in the way of some conservative utopia that they really don’t want (as I argued in Political Myth), it seems to me that the increasing hysteria is actually a signal that they are in the minority. The greater the awareness of their minority status, the noisier they become. That means it is also a signal of the long process of redefining our identity as a place in between the Pacific and Asia.