90 years since Lenin’s death

Yesterday was the 90th anniversary of Lenin’s death. As one might expect, the Russian Communist Party and other supporters – as they do on such occasions – were out on Red Square in Moscow to mark the moment (ht cp):

Lenin 90th anniversary of death - Red Square


8 thoughts on “90 years since Lenin’s death

  1. And did you notice the tens of thousand of Ukrainians out in the public squares, at the moment, too?

    Are they unaware that Comrade Joseph “Pockface” Stalin never let more than a handful of Ukrainians starve to death in ’32-’33? Do they not know that those who died were all kulaks, who deserved Holodomor, for attempting to obstruct the inevitable progression of History? Are these bourgeois Ukrainians still believing the Western Lie that Comrade Pockface let millions of them starve to death?


    1. Settle down Deane. Ukraine is an interesting case, since the minority ethnic Ukrainians (the bulk of the protesters) are exactly that, a minority. The majority are of Russian background. The former are never really going to get their way in the current formation of the Ukraine, so it does make me wonder whether the brief experiment of an independent Ukraine will fall apart. A smaller Ukraine, made up mostly of the more westerly parts? The rest becomes part of the Russian Federation, as it has nearly always been. Then there’s the Tatars in the Crimea.

      On the kulaks, you should read Stalin’s ‘Short Course’, especially the section, ‘The Elimination of the kulaks as a class’. It will do you good.

      Oh yes, and remember to reread points 7, 9 and 20 in the ‘Forty Helpful Tips’ – https://stalinsmoustache.wordpress.com/2014/01/17/forty-helpful-tips-for-anti-communists/

  2. How about he also read Douglas Tottle’s book Fraud, Famine and Fascism: The Ukrainian Genocide Myth from Hitler to Harvard? And stop spreading nazi propaganda?

  3. You’re doing holocaust denial, and accusing those who disagree with you of spreading Nazi propaganda? Anyway, this poisoning of the well is merely more of your illogical (fallacious) reasoning – best ignored.

    And Tottle? “Great”?!? Really? The David Irving for the Soviet Union.

      1. C’mon Roland – that list is the intellectual equivalent of sticking your fingers in your ears and going “La la la la la la la”. (And outside Calvinism and Marxism, that’s considered poor form, btw.)

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