My latest creation: the kitchen sink from an old organ

Many, many years ago my father acquired an old pedal reed organ. Having been constructed some 100 years ago, it had been partially reconditioned in 1962. It’s bellows leaked air, so my father patched up the holes with medical tape. Still, he would play it often enough until his hearing went. After his death, I mentioned to my mother that the organ has some beautiful timber that I would love to use. Initially, she was not so keen on the idea of me dismantling the thing and reusing the wood, so I let the suggestion lie. At last, she agreed that it would perhaps be the best use. But what to make out of it? Obviously, a bench for the kitchen sink.

When it first arrived in the kitchen, after some time under construction, it was a little threadbare:


But after we completed the finishing touches, it finally began to feel at home:



It has many features from the old organ, such as the stops and swells:




And I could not miss the opportunity to find a prominent place for the organ manufacturer’s name:


As also the agent in Australia:


Strangely, the sink and its bench are about the same size as the original organ, which now has a new life:



2 thoughts on “My latest creation: the kitchen sink from an old organ

  1. Masterly Roland, absolutely unique! Just hope the wood will not be affected by water. Perhaps you could play a CD with organ music inside the cupboard at regular times. I have: ‘Johann Sebastian Bach. Die Orgel, Koenigin der Instrumente’, with a number of beautiful organ pieces.

  2. What a beauty…I admire that such a treasure can be made useful in another way. A very clever and resourceful project well done. I love all old and interesting pieces from the past and it is too sad treasures like that get thrown away.

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