I am looking for high quality PhD candidates who wish to study Muslim Marxism.

Two such Marxists immediately come to mind: Tan Malaka (short for Ibrahim Gelar Datuk Sutan Malaka), one of the heroes of Indonesian independence; and Hussein Mroué from Lebanon, author of the incomplete three-volume Materialist Tendencies in Islamic Philosophy. Part of the project would involve translating the key texts into English, which will be published. Successful applicants will become part of the Religion and Radicalism research network at the University of Newcastle.

Information about University of Newcastle international scholarships: these are extremely competitive and anyone who wishes to apply must have an outstanding track record. This involves:

1. A GPA of 5.2 (out of 7) minimum. Closer to 6 is better. All study undertaken is included in calculating the GPA, from undergraduate onwards.

2. A completed research masters degree with the highest level mark (thesis must be 75% of the degree). This applies if it is some time since you completed undergraduate work.

3. A couple of peer-reviewed publications.

Applications are due in August.

Please circulate. If you are interested, contact me by email or leave a comment.