The Crimean vote: to leave or to stay?

So it is happening. The parliament of the autonomous region of Crimea, which has steadfastly refused to recognise the coup in Kiev, has voted to leave Ukraine and join Russia. To ensure that every thing is done properly, a referendum will also be held on 16 March. Strange how this news has made barely a ripple in some parts of the world. Of course, the question is whether the EU, the USA and their lapdogs will recognise the decision. I wonder what they will do?


4 thoughts on “The Crimean vote: to leave or to stay?

  1. What could they do, ‘unrecognise’ Russia?

    Seems close to check-mate for the Kiev regime. Losing the Crimea will hurt them, show them to be impotent and embolden the extreme right further. Now they will be squeezed between Russian economic pressure and the extremists from the western part of the country. In the sensuing chaos, Russia will likely gain, especially if next winter will be a cold one again.

    Little the West can do, save wasting billions on aid in a bottomless pit. They won’t try anything military with intervention or NATO expansion, that seems more or less clear.

    Maybe the high-pitched howling of Western diplomats is just an expression of frustration at their impotence. I find it quite comical actually.

    1. Yes, they are toothlessly threatening visa sanctions. As if there aren’t visa sanctions already, with the most humiliating conditions imposed on travellers from eastern Europe. And Obama’s chit-chat about breaking ‘international law’ is surely a joke.

  2. There can only be an “asymmetric response” to this threat of sanctions etc. Like on the picture here, “Let’s place Lenin in her stead” 🙂

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