I must admit I am still a bit pumped from my visit to Mao’s birthplace in Shaoshan, Hunan province. The food here is simply great, with heaps of spice that makes you cough and your nose run, yet sits easily on the stomach. Maybe that’s because it burns out the whole system.

So, it began with a lecture this morning:

And then I had lunch with the fantastic hosts here, including the local party branch secretary and the deputy party-branch secretary. After lunch we headed off ​in search of Mao. Actually, he was not that hard to find …

I even managed to meet him in a petrol station, where we chatted about old times:

We found out where his neighbour lived:

And that the Mao family was shortish, or at least shorter than me, since I had to duck at every doorway:

More importantly, we found the urinal he used when he returned home in later years:

And even his toilet and bath:

However, the most important find for me was his bicycle. Yes, the very bicycle the chairman rode:

​But it would all not have been possible without the great people here in Xiangtan.