Yesterday I went to my favourite restaurant in these parts (cheap and wonderful food). However, you need to order the food by writing down the items on a piece of paper, which they collect and take to the kitchen. Previously, I have relied on others to do so, but this time I was on my own. What was to de done? I simply transferred my daily practice onto the piece of paper.

My first order was leek and egg dumplings, so I wrote 韭菜鸡蛋饺.

Next was home-made tofu: 家常豆腐

I also wanted a bowl of rice: 米饭

Mind you, my script was a little stilted and not at all like the cursive script people use here. So I waited with some trepidation. Would I receive the bowl of shiny frogs, or perhaps tofu intestines, or congealed duck’s blood? Lo and behold, my order came out as I had requested.