One of the best ways to foster interest and enthusiasm for the revolution is to have fun with it. In this case, I mean the Cultural Revolution. This evening, I was taken to a Cultural Revolution restaurant here in Chengdu.

We were greeted by Chairman Mao, telling us that a revolution is not a dinner party …

The waiters were addressed as ‘guards’ – as in the Red Guards:

We had to wear aprons with slogans from the good Chairman:

The meal itself was yet another amazing and fiery Sichuan meal:

Cute little Red Guards watched over us to make sure were enjoying ourselves:

Perhaps the highlight of the evening was the singing of a revolutionary song by all the adult Red Guards:

As the only foreigner in the place, they all turned to salute me:

Actually, the real highlight was a competition, in which I received a special prize as a foreigner:

I will not tell you what that says …