Will Stalingrad get its name back? Putin may well have given his tacit support for the restoration of the name ‘Stalingrad’ to the town of Volgograd. Stalingrad was its name between 1925 and 1961, until the irresponsible Khrushchev dumped the name in his effort at de-Stalinisation. Yet Stalingrad is forever etched in history as one of two battles (the other was Kursk) that turned the Second War against Nazi Germany. When asked by a veteran at the recent D-Day celebrations in Paris, Putin is reported to have said, ‘In this case residents should hold a referendum where they will decide on it … It wasn’t me who changed the name … we’ll mull over how it can be done’. While some places began to get excited (here, here and here), Russian news outlets were somewhat low-key.