Churchill’s opinion of Stalin

After an all-night booze-up in Moscow by Churchill and Stalin, the former often stated in public, ‘I like that man.’


7 thoughts on “Churchill’s opinion of Stalin

  1. I read somewhere that when strict rationing was introduced in the UK during the war, Stalin sent Churchill monthly “care packages” that included the finest vodka and caviar. I think Stalin did the right thing (he wanted Churchill not to take the side of Roosevelt on every issue), but the comradeship formed over vodka certainly helped Churchill form a high opinion of Stalin.

  2. And don’t underestimate Churchill’s judgement. This is the same judge of history who reckoned that King Arthur was a real figure.

    1. What?! My history textbooks at school in the UK, not written by Churchill, confirmed that King Arthur actually existed.

      1. Existed, perhaps yes. But Churchill was referring to the “King Arthur” of Geoffrey of Monmouth, not to the passing mention of an Arthur in the earliest texts.

  3. I am reading Losurdo’s brilliant book on Stalin. The admiration after the Second World War was nearly universal. Churchill was one of many – until Khrushchev’s fictional ‘secret report’.

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