Churchill’s glowing opinion of Stalin

After an all-night booze-up in Moscow by Churchill and Stalin, the former often stated in public, ‘I like that man.’

And in 1947, even as mutual suspicions were rising, Churchill wrote to Stalin: ‘your life is not only precious to your country, which you saved, but to the friendship between Soviet Russia and the English-speaking world’.


5 thoughts on “Churchill’s glowing opinion of Stalin

  1. I read somewhere that when strict rationing was introduced in the UK during the war, Stalin sent Churchill monthly “care packages” that included the finest vodka and caviar. I think Stalin did the right thing (he wanted Churchill not to take the side of Roosevelt on every issue), but the comradeship formed over vodka certainly helped Churchill form a high opinion of Stalin.

  2. I am reading Losurdo’s brilliant book on Stalin. The admiration after the Second World War was nearly universal. Churchill was one of many – until Khrushchev’s fictional ‘secret report’.

  3. What?! My history textbooks at school in the UK, not written by Churchill, confirmed that King Arthur actually existed.

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