The benefits of “freedom” in the Ukraine

What has been achieved as a result of the Maidan coup in the Ukraine?

1. Hundreds of people shot, burned and slaughtered; thousands wounded.

2. Trashing of its own cities (Kiev, Odessa, Mariupol, Slavonic)

3. Loss of Crimea through a referendum.

4. Potential loss of eastern Ukraine.

5. Visits by CIA boss Brennan and US Vice President Joe Biden at crucial turning points.

6. Oligarchs have increased their power.

7. What’s left of the economy is systematically being destroyed.

8. Hitherto unseen levels of corruption.

9. Debt has spiralled out of control.

10. Credit rating has been reduced to CCC (trash status).

11. Value of Ukrainian Hryvnia has plummeted by 50%.

12. Delays and non-payment of salaries to state and municipal enterprises.

13. Drastic reductions in pensions and social benefits.

14. Reductions in child benefits.

15. Sharp jump in inflation from 0.5% to 15%.

16. Gas prices through the roof.

17. Petrol prices have skyrocketted.

18. Taxes raised, including more than 120% on housing services.

19. Significant increases in the cost of public transport, particularly in Kiev.

20. Increases between 25% and 42.5% on alcohol and tobacco (this is really serious in the Ukraine).

21. Medicines taxed with VAT.

22. Significant increase in electricity tariffs.

23. People called on to donate  5 Hryvnia personally to the army.

24. Ukraine agrees to be dumping ground for Europe’s radioactive waste.

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