Collective toothbrush: the real test of communism

This morning I arrived at the Historical Materialism conference of Australasia and realised I had forgotten to bring a toothbrush. So I began to wonder: where is the collective toothbrush? You know, the old brush with bent bristles that sits proudly on the registration desk, there for anyone to use should they need. Thankfully, I managed to score a toothbrush in a discount basket in the chemist shop next door, so will donate it as my small contribution to a deeper form of collectivity. Come to think of it, there should be a collective razor, collective nose hair trimmer …



2 thoughts on “Collective toothbrush: the real test of communism

    1. I was hoping to write something today, about the ferment of ideas at the conference as a whole, about the intriguing discussion in my session, and about the blinkers of the dominant political economy approach at the conference. But it will have to wait until tomorrow.

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