Leading causes of death in Australia

As $600 million dollars are thrown by the Australian government to bolster anti-terror activities, it is worth considering the leading causes of death in Australia. These are from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (see also Crikey) and cover the years 2003-12.

Suicide 22824

Car accidents 8525 (not pedestrian deaths or accidents involving other types of vehicles)

Homicide 2617

Diabetes(indigenous Australians) 1690

HIV 879

Domestic violence (estimated) 850

Falling out of bed 417

Falling off ladders 230

Shingles 228

Electrocution 206

Falling off chairs 198

Accidental gun discharges 190

Gastro and diarrhoea 168

Tractor accidents 137

TERRORISM (1978-2014) 113

Indigenous deaths in custody 66

Chicken pox 63

Whooping cough 20

Lightning 10

Yes, in ten years more people died from gastro, or falling off ladders, chairs or tractors, than than those that died from terrorism over 35 years. Indeed, you have more chance of dying of chicken pox than terrorism.


One thought on “Leading causes of death in Australia

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