Some things never seem to change: Stalin on the Ukraine

This is from 1918, but sounds eerily like today:

Before the revolution the Ukraine was exploited by the Western imperialists quietly, so to speak, without “military operations.” French, Belgian and British imperialists organized huge enterprises in the Ukraine (coal, metal, etc.), acquired the majority of the shares and proceeded to suck the blood out of the Ukrainian people in the usual, “lawful” and unobtrusive way… Imperialism had no desire to yield and positively refused to reconcile itself to the new situation. Hence the “necessity” for the forcible enslavement of the Ukraine, the “necessity” for its occupation. (Collected Works, vol. 4, p. 177)


5 thoughts on “Some things never seem to change: Stalin on the Ukraine

  1. So what, may I ask, is the imposition of mass starvation on a few million Ukrainians, in the grand scheme of the inevitable progression of History towards the Glorious Epoch of Communism?

    As Our Lord and Saviour might have said, if He had been aware of the science of dialectical materialism, “With Stalin all things are possible.”

    Yours disconcertingly, etc

      1. Ah – Losurdo the holocaust denier, and philosopher who pretends to be an historian. You might wish to read some actual historians.

        Even the Italian left disowned Losurdo, as in the case of the twenty editors of Liberazione who protested against publishing a review of his bullshit “revisionary apologetics” that would make David Irving and Robert Faurisson look like fair-minded historians.

        Yours disconcertingly, etc

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