Matthew 25:13: Stalin’s revolutionary reading

Ever the biblical student, Stalin writes to comrades in Czechoslovakia regarding Matthew 25:13:

Advantage must be taken of the lull to strengthen the Party, to Bolshevise it and make it “always ready” for all possible “complications”; for “ye know neither the day nor the hour” wherein “the bridegroom cometh” to open the road for a new revolutionary upsurge. (Works, vol. 7, p. 68)

Stalin reading 02


2 thoughts on “Matthew 25:13: Stalin’s revolutionary reading

  1. Well, he should know his bible – he was a seminarian/theology student in Georgia in his early days wasn’t he? Most atheists don’t know what they’re against, most former Christians know exactly what they’re talking about. My favourite communist atheist is Castro who grew up in Catholic boarding schools and went to mass every day. (See Frei Betto’s interviews with him)
    In solidarity, Peter Turner,

    1. Yes, for five years, with the core subject of biblical interpretation studied every year. The Bible in his later personal library has many annotations, and he was fond of reading it and memorising parts.

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