The truth about Trotsky

As Lunacharsky once pointed out, Trotsky never did anything without looking in the mirror of history. Or, more fully, in Revolutionary Silhouettes:

Trotsky is undoubtedly often prone to step back and watch himself. Trotsky treasures his historical role and would probably be ready to make any personal sacrifice, not excluding the greatest sacrifice of all – that of his life – in order to go down in human memory surrounded by the aureole of a genuine revolutionary leader.


2 thoughts on “The truth about Trotsky

  1. A few weeks ago I passed by his old house on Buyukada (in the Sea of Marmara), which is entirely derelict. It still did have some aura to it for me, so in that sense he succeeded in establishing himself in historical memory.

    Not that I am a ‘trotskyist’, but even having lost the struggle with Stalin and being a destitute refugee he could launch a movement that bore his name. It’s too bad, as his talents could have been better spent.

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