Recently, the lid was partly lifted on systemic corruption among the political and business elite: wads of cash in brown paper bags, ‘washing’ illegal ‘donations’ through front organisations, hasty political decisions made to line the pockets of the big capitalists … it goes on. At the same time, the immense stupidity of those decisions became apparent. For instance, the railway line will be cut by two stations, or the equivalent of less than 3 kilometres. In it’s place, the proposal is to build a ‘light rail’ line – for the cost of over $200 million. Sorry, it’s not stupid if you are out to make a profit from public funds: someone has to benefit from that decision in light of the kind of money being doled out. Add to that the fact that developers get their greedy hands on the land freed up to construct even more useless buildings.

So the whole process has been shown to highly corrupt. Anyone would expect an immediate inquiry. Not at all. Instead, there is an unseemly haste to act on the corrupt decisions before any such inquiry can begin.

Stalin and corruption 03a

Stalin and corruption 04a