Roland f**king Boer: Perhaps the best review ever

My good comrade at Louisproyekt has just written a lovely review of my work, called ‘Roland f**king Boer?’ This is arguably the review of reviews, for he calls me an ‘asshole’, ‘clown’ and full of ‘garbage’. I’ve been glowing since I read it. Apparently, it is in response to the announcement that I won the Isaac and Tamara Deutscher Prize for 2014. However, it seems to me that my good comrade is missing even the slightest sense of humour – apart from misspelling ‘mustache’.


10 thoughts on “Roland f**king Boer: Perhaps the best review ever

  1. Congratulations, on both counts. Being subjected to abuse like that is something of a victory in the elementary ‘struggle for recognition’ within the revolutionary left, isn’t it?

  2. And what else results from this out-of-hand rejection of the pivotal role for kairos in the historically objective process which is the dialectic? The premature dismissal of the impact of the Anunnaki on the revitalisation of Lysenko-Michurinism.

    So WHO are the narrow-minded ones now, I ask?!!

    Right now, they’re laughing at Louisproyekt on Planet Nabiru, fo’ sure.

  3. I’m so glad to hear that Louis Proyect hates you and/or your work! He could be the epitome of Trotskyism, so petty-bourgeois, so (pathologically) full of himself!

  4. Thanks to everyone who has sent me email messages and congratulations here. I am absolutely thrilled at what has happened. And a comradely kiss for our strange and humourless comrade Proyekt and his ad hominem efforts.

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