On 30 November, I will be be part of a panel on ‘Religion and Marxism’. It is part of the ‘Sunday Marxism’ series here in Newcastle, organised by the Socialist Alliance.


Political progressives often associate religion with bad things like imperialist crusades and wars for oil, attacks on women’s freedoms and moral/political brainwashing.

In recent weeks we have seen reactionary fundamentalists decapitating ‘infidels’ and misogynistic homophobic varieties of Christianity receive the endorsement of government ministers.

At the same time it is also often assumed that all Marxists/Socialists abhor religion and spirituality.

Of course, dig beneath the stereotypes and you will find a rich current of dialogue between anti-capitalist activists and revolutionaries and socially minded followers of various religious faiths.

This session on Religion and Marxism will feature a panel including Roland Boer who directs the ‘Religion, Marxism and Secularism’ project at Newcastle University, Farooq Tariq, General Secretary, Awami Workers Party (AWP) of Pakistan, and Malik Mohamed Aslam, Senior Advocate, Lahore High Court and AWP leader.

PS. Of course, I voted for Steve at our recent by-election in Newcastle, after the former Liberal who held the seat was called out for systemic corruption.