Which Saint Joseph?

Is it possible to mistake Joseph, the husband of Mary, with Joseph Stalin? A Russian school boy did exactly that in a nativity play in Russia. As Sputnik reports:

A schoolboy from St. Petersburg mistakenly played the role of the Biblical character Joseph dressed as quite another character, Joseph Stalin.

His father commented (on his facebook page):

“Yesterday, my 12-year old son participated in a school play. Earlier, he said he had a role of Joseph Stalin, who had to say something to some woman. We were not surprised too much, as over the years he played a variety of roles at school plays, including an epic role of a watermelon,”

So the parents assisted with the preparation, finding a pair of army boots and a jacket with the marshal-general’s epaulets, as well as fashioning the famous moustache:

Stalin icon 18

Moments before the play began, the boy found out that he was supposed to be the biblical Joseph, Mary’s husband. With no time to change costume, he went on stage dressed as Stalin and – to add to the confusion – took on the role of the angel Gabriel and announced to Mary that she would become pregnant by the Holy Spirit and give birth to Jesus.