Crisis and Critique: new issue out

The great bunch at Materializmi Dialektik have published the latest issue of Crisis and Critique. An added pleasure is that my article on Confucius and Chairman Mao appears here as well, close on the heels of Slavoj Žižek.


2 thoughts on “Crisis and Critique: new issue out

  1. My view of Zizek is the opposite of the current Chinese consensus on Mao: 70% incorrect, 30% correct. I wish he wrote more about straight politics and cut out the film and psychobabble material. More like this perhaps, a superb BBC docudrama on Robespierre and the Terror in which he goes head to head with arch bourgeois reactionary Simon Schama. Well worth a watch:

    1. Zizek is Zizek, I guess. I recall Ernesto Laclau feeling called upon in the introduction to one of Zizke’s first books in English, trying both the apologise and explain Slavoj’s mode of argumentation.

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