Inaugural Stalin Prize film night an unexpected success

Today, on Mayday, we had the inaugural Stalin Prize film night. More than I expected gathered to watch the epic Fall of Berlin (winner in 1950). We drank vodka, soaking it up with various nibblies. Some extraordinary scenes, such as the one when a mad and rat-like Hitler meets prelates from the Vatican and promises them that he will save ‘Western civilisation’, or the Stakhanovite themes at the beginning, replete with the rich harvests and steel plants that smiling children simply visit on a whim, or indeed the calm, measured, albeit somewhat stiff Stalin himself, who calmly directs the Red Army with insight and brilliance. Not a few laughs, but most stayed rivetted to the end. After all, it is really is a love story between Alexei and Natasha.


More film nights to come, with other winners of the Stalin Prize.


3 thoughts on “Inaugural Stalin Prize film night an unexpected success

  1. I saw that film at The National Film Theatre in London, a very long time ago now. I expect that it must look strange, to a modern filmgoer’s eye.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. If I recall, it did not have the usual film subtitles either, and instead used a device that blacked out some of the lower part of the screen to add them on to, though much was left untranslated. (Sorry, missed this bit off the first comment)

      1. The version I have is digitally remastered, with clear subtitles. There is one great scene, though, in which a captured and increasingly dejected German officer speaks German, while our hero Alexei, speaks Russian. Like Pentecost, they are able to understand one another.

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