On solipsism, Roosevelt and US exceptionalism

In December, 1933, Stalin did an interview with a correspondent from The New York Times. Already there is a glimmer of the potential for the cooperation between Stalin and Roosevelt in the Second World War, although his comment on United States solipsism still seems to apply.

Roosevelt, by all accounts, is a determined and courageous politician. There is a philosophical system, solipsism, which holds that the external world does not exist and the only thing that does exist is one’s own self. It long seemed that the American Government subscribed to this system and did not believe in the existence of the U.S.S.R. But Roosevelt evidently is not a supporter of this strange theory. He is a realist and knows that reality is as he sees it (Works, volume 13, pp. 284-85).

Indeed, a little earlier a certain Colonel Robins from the United States, also in an interview, expressed a strong wish for the two countries to work together.

I am not a Communist and do not understand very much about communism, but I should like America to participate in, to have the opportunity of associating itself with, the development that is taking place here in Soviet Russia, and I should like Americans to get this opportunity by means of recognition, by granting credits, by means of establishing normal relations between the two countries, for example, in the Far East, so as to safeguard the great and daring undertaking which is in process in your country, so that it may be brought to a successful conclusion (Works, vol. 13, p. 277).

Makes one wonder what might have been possible instead of the Cold War.


One thought on “On solipsism, Roosevelt and US exceptionalism

  1. Actually, the US was Russia’s trade-partner of choice when it came to industrial technology and other technical services. This was especially true in the 30s when German-Soviet trade/technical cooperation that had started with Rappallo fell apart for obvious reasons.

    That the Soviets did business with the US is still an issue that fascists make hay out of and use as confirmation for their theories, either that the Jews were behind the Russian Revolution or that it was funded by Wall Street to expand US hegemony.

    What isn’t widely discussed is that Ukrainian expat fascists believe the reason why the so-called Holodomor never got recognition in the Western press is that “powerful business interests and media” denied it or had an interest in suppressing the story. One wonders why respectable bourgeois propagandists and academics never air this kooky theory in public? I suppose the amount of crazy you can pack into propaganda has limits? Or maybe they just love America so much?

    I think the western bourgeois press is starting to exceed the (post-stalin) Cold War in the demonization of Russia. And this is quite odd, the anti-communist propaganda gets more heated every year and Russia is quite openly capitalist.One wonders if the cold war is eternally necessary to demonize Russia as a competing imperial power.

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