The pleasures of age: an afternoon nap with snoring

For many a year I have been looking forward to this time of life: when an afternoon nap becomes irresistible. (One of the many pleasures of age, which I have been noting from time to time.) I mean not the occasional nod at a meeting, or the brief kip on a train. This is the real thing: lean back on a reclining chair, or perhaps on an old day-bed in the sun-room, close your eyes, and soon enough you are off. The trick is to snore, for without snoring it is not an old-fogey nap. Since I am not a natural snorer, I ensure that I lie on my back. The first low rumble in my throat indicates that sleep is about to come upon me. And about an hour later, I will wake with a snore, thinking, ‘I hope I didn’t snore too much and disturb people’. This is best done when visiting others and is a very appropriate act for grandfathers.


7 thoughts on “The pleasures of age: an afternoon nap with snoring

  1. Well I am a grandfather in my sixties, and I have yet to master the art of an afternoon nap. I try to avoid them, as I tend to wake up grumpy, and have trouble sleeping later. I have mastered snoring though, especially after a bottle of red wine!
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. One down, one to go. I used to avoid an afternoon nap for similar reasons, since I would wake up feeling the worse for it. But something seems to have changed of late – very pleasurable.

  2. This conjures a treasured memory of my grandfather, who had indeed mastered both snoring and the afternoon nap. Out in the beautiful Kentucky countryside, he’d go out in the morning to tend a marvelous, two-acre garden. I’d watch him pick green beans, dig potatoes, sometimes eat a raw onion after immediately pulling it from the earth, cut tobacco, and occasionally pick up a snake with his bare hands and throw it aside, muttering a curse, “goddamn snakes.” In the early afternoon, after lunch, he’d take his short nap and snore like a triceratops.

    I’ve not reached that age, yet, and wonder if for me this pleasure is or ever will be a function of age. Now, at fifty, I enjoy-suffer from the same blessing-curse that energized me as a child: hyperactivity. Resting, relaxing, taking it easy, napping—my body and brain cannot do these things. I must become exhausted before retiring, and retiring only at night—and then, to dream, dream, dream, dream….

    1. That’s interesting, Dan, since I tend to be of the hyperactive type, often leaving others behind with my energy. And at times still, I sleep best when exhausted. I’m in my mid-fifties now, but I have begun to appreciate the other side, switching off completely to what is going on around me and drifting off.

  3. I’m 55, but just realized the pleasure of deep thought, then peaceful thoughts while under a simple blanket and resting on my back for about 45 mins a day, while a quick occasional snore, provides great peacefulness. It too bad to become ill before enjoying life’s many small pleasures…

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