The benefits of Stakhanovism: pocket watches

I must admit I have a love of pocket watches, carrying one of my collection around with me at all times. So I was thrilled to read this, an address given to collective farm workers from Tajikistan and Turkmenistan in December, 1935:

Secondly, that the government has decided to make a gift of an automobile truck to every collective farm represented here and to present every participant at this conference with a gramophone and records (applause) and watches – pocket watches for the men and wrist watches for the women. (Prolonged applause.) (Works, vol. 14, p. 123).



10 thoughts on “The benefits of Stakhanovism: pocket watches

  1. Reminds me of the joke which was widely told in the CCCP in the 1930s:

    The Stakhanovite milkmaids of a certain town were assembled on stage for a prize-giving ceremony. The first-placed milkmaid, who had raised productivity the most for the local farm collective, was presented with a radio receiver. The second-placed milkmaid received a gramophone, and the third-placed milkmaid received a Rudge bicycle.

    Then the fourth-placed milkmaid was called to the centre of the podium, for her services as “leading pig-tender” of the kolkhoz, to whom, with much emotion, the kolkhoz director presents “the complete works of our beloved comrade Stalin”. Awed silence ensues. Then a voice is heard from the back: “Just what the bitch deserves”.

    Ok, I’ve told it before, but it’s a good one.

    Incidentally, I haven’t been able to find a copy of your Sacred Economy to download. What gives?

      1. Oh, go on, you know I am interested. Fortunately, our library has a copy, so I’ll borrow it for a bit of light bedtime reading.

      2. Another option is of course to read Stalin’s works, especially now that a full edition is coming out – called Trudy and available at Ruslania. Of course, the fact that his works, even the shorter and incomplete collection, was not available before 1953, makes your story somewhat dubious.

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