Having completed a meeting with the Academy of Marxism here in Beijing (a subdivision of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences), I am pleased to provide the following preliminary announcement. It will soon appear with more details on the University of Newcastle website.


The China Road conference focuses on China’s distinct path in the modern world. This path has also been called ‘Socialism with Chinese Characteristics’ and the ‘Beijing Consensus’. The conference will examine the meanings of these terms in the areas of Marxism, philosophy, economics, politics, society, culture, and international relations in the Asian Century. It will be undertaken in a supportive environment, seeking insight, understanding and constructive criticism. The conference is ideally placed to make a significant impact, attracting attention by the media and the wider public.


Date: 19-21 August 2016

Place: City of Newcastle, Australia (venue TBA)

Sponsors: Academy of Marxism (within Chinese Academy of Social Sciences) and the University of Newcastle, Australia


The themes of the conference are:

  1. The role of Marxism in Modern China
  2. The Chinese Road and the Asian Century
  3. Society and culture between China and Australia
  4. Australia’s engagement with the Chinese Road