The website concerning the first China Road conference in the southern hemisphere is now up at the University of Newcastle (screen grab below). This is obviously a notice to save the date and begin thinking about a potential conference paper or panel proposal. More details will be posted as the conference planning develops early in the new year. This is sponsored by none less than the Academy of Marxism within the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.




When 19 to 21 August 2016

Where University of Newcastle, NSW, Australia

Contact Roland.Boer


Paper proposals and abstracts for The China Road international conference due 1 June 2016.

The China Road has a number of levels of meaning. It concerns China’s distinct path in the modern world, a path that has also been called the ‘Beijing Consensus’ and ‘socialism with Chinese characteristics’, with deep historical roots and a broad basis in reality. It also refers to the new ‘Belt and Road Initiative’, which seeks to revitalise countries along and around the old Silk Road – a revitalisation that includes economic, cultural, social and educational dimensions.

In this light, the conference will examine the China Road from a range of perspectives. These include philosophy, Marxism, economics, politics, society, education, culture, different forms of democracy, and international relations in the Asian Century. With an eye on past and present, the conference will also examine possible future developments. It will be undertaken in a supportive environment, seeking insight, understanding and constructive criticism. The conference is ideally placed to make a significant impact, attracting attention by the media and the wider public.

Scholars from Australasia and China, as well as international scholars, are invited to participate. The conference will also include keynote speakers.

Please save the date and return to this website for more details, including registration, as they become available.

The China Road conference is sponsored by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and the University of Newcastle, Australia.

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