New website: Culture Matters

A new website has just been launched by the Communist Party of the UK, along with a range of other people, called Culture Matters. I have the first post of what should be a number on the complex issue of Marxism and religion.


6 thoughts on “New website: Culture Matters

  1. It looks good on the page, as well as obviously being interesting to read. The poem was an excellent choice too. Always good to get more coverage, and a wider audience.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Roland
    There is nothing to worry about. Relations between the two Communist parties are extremely cordial and based on a shared anti imperialist standpoint which insists that Ireland is one country.
    Incidentally, the Irish comrades maintain a high level of engagement in cultural matters. Especially worth reading is their monthly paper Socialist Voice and, most recently, they published a very interesting commentary on Jonathan Swift obtainable from Connolly Books.

  3. Just yesterday I went along to a newish cafe in Dunedin called Vanguärd. I’m not sure what the umlaut was for, but it did make it seem edgy.

    But this, Sir, is what radical politics has devolved into, in the West! If there’s one thing that I know, it’s that our avuncular Georgian leader never served up a flat white and delicious cheese scone to the Ukrainian working class while he was ensuring the elimination of their false consciousness.

    Nor can I imagine that any Hong Kong publishers currently undergoing re-education in the Chinese mainland are, right now, being offered the bourgeois luxury of a trim soy decaf latte.

    Still, I enjoyed the illusory freedom of drinking my own coffee at Vanguärd, while listening to a podcast of you being interviewed about the Asiatic Mode of Production. I suspect, though, that the interviewer was a robot.

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