Two stray thoughts that have no obvious connections.

First, I cannot for the life of me understand how anyone can see David Bowie as in some sense ‘radical’. I do not mean the famous ‘theatrical’ comments about fascism in the 1970s. I mean the supposed radicality of his gender bending. Apart from the fact that this was a pop artist unusually adept at exploiting commercial mediums to be noticed, it is a sad reflection of what radical means in some parts of the world when it primarily refers to sexuality.

Second, since I have been to the DPRK (North Korea), I tend to notice occasional news items when they turn up – the latest being the recent nuclear test and predictable reactions to it. Whenever a picture is shown of South Korea, it carefully depicts South Korean soldiers. Strange how the many US forces never seem to feature, especially in light of their ubiquitous presence (on which I have written in ‘Brazen American Imperialist Aggressors‘). And when items refer to any exchange of warning shots, they strangely fail to mention that it would be US forces firing at the north.