Vietnam: Images from the winners

The book is now out of print, which is a shame, but Another Vietnam is a stunning collection of photographs from Vietcong photographers of their side of a long, long war they won. It makes you wonder what the situation would be like if the DPRK had won their revolutionary war against the USA. The images may be found here, along with descriptions (ht: cp).


NGS3475 161A


NGS3475 67A


NGS3475 57A


NGS3475 115A


NGS3475 163A


NGS3475 87A


NGS3475 84A


NGS3475 120A


NGS3475 177A


NGS3475 236A

8 thoughts on “Vietnam: Images from the winners

  1. Amazing images from Retronaunt once again. What a shame the book is no longer available. As well as the historical interest of the pictures, the photography is excellent. Thanks, Roland.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. I sent a link to a friend who is a semi-professional photographer. He agreed that the photos are of undeniably good quality. Perhaps they should re-print the book?
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Apparently, one of the photographers had enough film for only 72 shots for the whole revolutionary struggle. It would ensure one made every shot count. And then others had kept their negatives but not printed them. Extraordinary collection.

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