The pleasure of sewing

Like tiling, one of the great pleasures of life is … to sew. It has been some years since I have had a sewing machine. In the meantime, I have satisfied myself with occasional bouts of hand sewing. But for my last birthday, I bought a sewing machine. It has sat at home, waiting for me to return from China for a couple of weeks. Yesterday, we became familiar with one another, filling a few bobbins, remembering how to thread and then use the machine. Today, we began the first few of many happy hours together. The task at hand was to create a curtain out of odds and ends around the place. All of them had to be stitched together.

IMG_8150 (2) (640x480)

At this point, I am in the process of stitching on the last of six pieces to make the whole curtain.

IMG_8152 (2) (480x640)

Soon afterwards came the intricate process of constructing the hangers and stitching them onto the curtain. The result was was better than all expected, including myself:

IMG_8156 (2) (480x640)

(ht cp for the photos)


2 thoughts on “The pleasure of sewing

  1. Full marks for attempting sewing, (and tiling) and making a good job of it too, Roland. Personally, I can think of nothing worse than struggling with the intricacies of a sewing machine. Then again, I am not know for patience, or technical ability either.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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