Beijing conference: The International Horizon of Chinese Marxist Discourse

I have giving a reasonable amount of my energy this year to two projects and associated conferences. In a few months (13-15 August) is the ‘China Road‘ conference in Newcastle, but in less than a couple of weeks is another conference: The International Horizon of Chinese Marxist Discourse. This is part of a project funded by the Beijing Centre for Studies of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics. One of its purposes is to begin a more serious international discussion of current Chinese Marxism.

Here is the program, in both English and Chinese:

The International Horizon of Chinese Marxist Discourse:

 Perspectives from Literature and Philosophy

Renmin University of China, Beijing

22-23, April, 2016


22 April (Friday), 2016
09:00-09:15 Opening Ceremony         Conference Room, School of Liberal Arts
Chair:  ZANG Fengyu                 Renmin University of China

Welcome Remarks: SUN Yu             Renmin University of China

YAO Xinzhong        Renmin University of China

Roland BOER        Renmin University of China/

University of Newcastle

Group Photo

09:15-09:55 Session I  Chair:YANG Huilin         Renmin University of China
1.     Domenico LOSURDO                    University of Urbino

Mao Zedong, Deng Xiaoping and Oriental Marxism

2.  Roland BOER                        University of Newcastle

Reconsidering Contradiction

09:55-10:15 Q&A
10:15-10:30 Tea Break


Session II   chair: CHEN Qijia          Renmin University of China
1.  Robert WARE                          University of Calgary

Marx’s Morality for All

2. Tom Rockmore                         Duquesne University


11:10-11:30 Q&A
11:30-13:00 Lunch                                              lunch box





Session III   chair: ZANG Fengyu       Renmin University of China
1.     CUI Weihang              Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

Let Marxist Philosophy Speak Chinese

2.HU Changshuan        Central Compilation & Translation Bureau

   On the Theoretical Character of the Popularization of Marxism

13:40-14:00 Q&A
14:00-14:30 Tea Break









Session IV   Chair:  MA Yuanlong    Renmin University of China
1.     ZHANG Yongqing                 Renmin University of China

The Pre-History Form of Marxist Literary Criticism: A Study of Marx and Engels’ Literary Criticism between 1833 and 1844

2.     SUN Wenxian                 Central China Normal University

   Marxist Literary Criticism: Paradigm or Method

3.     ZHANG Yuzhe                      University of Newcastle

   Understanding the Dynamic Landscape of Languages in Socialist        China

15:30-16:00 Q&A
16:00-16:30 Break









Session V   Chair:ZHANG Yongqing   Renmin University of China
1.     WANG Dun                      Renmin University of China

Is there a “Chinese Working Class”?

2.     MA Yuanlong                     Renmin University of China

Production of the Subject: Against the Background of Marxism

3.     ZHANG Xinzhang                       Zhejiang University

How to Live Together with Theism in the Globalizing Era: Some Theoretical Considerations on How to Enlarge the Right of Speech of Chinese Culture

17:30-18:00 Q&A
18:30-19:30 Dinner                                     Huixian Restaurant



23 April (Saturday),2016





4.     Session VI   Chair:WANG Jie              Zhejiang University
1.  ZANG Fengyu                    Renmin University of China

The Marxist Theory of Justice and the Practical Construction of                   Contemporary China’s Theory of Justice

2.  CHANG Jinfang                   Renmin University of China


09:40-10:00 Q&A
10:00-10:20 Break
10:20-11:20 Session VII  Chair:WANG Dun         Renmin University of China
1.  Geoff BOUCHER                         Deakin University

   Althusser’s Maoism: New Perspectives

2.  HUANG Zhijun                 Capital Normal University              Advance the Construction of Chinese Marxist Discourse in the   Competition of the Ideological Market
3.  WANG Jie                              Zhejiang University

Construction of a Scientific Community Seen from the Development of a Publication and the

11:20-11:40 Q&A
11:40-11:55 Closing Ceremony
11:55-14:00 Lunch                               Huixian Restaurant (Buffet)


09:00-09:15 开幕式                                  人文楼二层会议室
主持: 臧峰宇                                   中国人民大学

致词: 孙郁                                     中国人民大学

姚新中                                   中国人民大学

Roland Boer                  中国人民大学/纽卡斯尔大学


09:15-09:55 第一节   主持:杨慧林                          中国人民大学
1.      Domenico LOSURDO                         乌尔比诺大学


2.  Roland Boer                                 纽卡斯尔大学


09:55-10:15 提问与回应
10:15-10:30 茶 歇





第二节   主持:陈奇佳                          中国人民大学
1.  Robert WARE                                卡尔加里大学


2.  Tom Rockmore                                  杜肯大学


11:10-11:30 提问与回应
11:30-13:00 午餐                                                  盒饭





第三节   主持:臧峰宇                          中国人民大学
1.     崔唯航                                   中国社会科学院


2.  胡长栓                                       中央编译局


13:40-14:00 提问与回应
14:00-14:30 茶歇
14:30-15:30 第四节   主持:马元龙                          中国人民大学
1.  张永清                                     中国人民大学


2.  孙文宪                                     华中师范大学


3.  张玉喆                                     纽卡斯尔大学


15:30-16:00 提问与回应
16:00-16:30 茶歇








第五节    主持:张永清                        中国人民大学
1.     王敦                                       中国人民大学


2.     马元龙                                     中国人民大学


3.     张新樟                                        浙江大学


17:30-18:00 提问与回应
18:30-19:30 晚餐                                              汇贤食府


09:00-09:40 第六节  主持: 王杰                               浙江大学
1.  臧峰宇                                     中国人民大学


2.  常晋芳                                     中国人民大学
09:40-10:00 提问与回应
10:00-10:20 茶 歇
10:20-11:20 第七节  主持: 王敦                            中国人民大学
1.     Geoff BOUCHER                               迪肯大学


2.     黄志军                                     首都师范大学


3.     王杰                                           浙江大学


11:20-11:40 提问与回应
11:40-11:55 闭幕式
11:55-14:00 午餐                                               汇贤食府



5 thoughts on “Beijing conference: The International Horizon of Chinese Marxist Discourse

    1. Thanks Pete. They are a bot of work and I hope they can make something of a contribution. But I will be pleased when they are over – time to enact another phase of my semi-retirement.

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