Chinese Freedom in new journal: Continental Thought and Theory

The energetic people at Canterbury University in New Zealand/Aotearoa, Cindy Zeiher and Mike Grimshaw, have launched a new journal call ‘Continental Thought and Theory‘. The first bumper issue contains more than thirty contributions on the question of what intellectual freedom means today. My contribution concerns ‘Chinese Freedom‘.


3 thoughts on “Chinese Freedom in new journal: Continental Thought and Theory

  1. Roland, I liked your article on “Chinese Freedom.” I didn’t realize that the Cultural Revolution was still considered a mistake. What is the official position now on the Sino-Soviet split? I feel like both sides share the blame for that catastrophe, but has China ever recanted its claims that the Soviet Union was “culturally imperialist”?

    Also, what is the view now on China’s support of UNITA in the Angolan Civil War in the mid-70’s? China sent military advisors to the same factions that were also getting funding and training from the CIA! That was messed up.

    1. I don’t know the answer to the Angolan Civil War question – hopefully they agree now it was a mistake. The official line on the Cultural Revolution is that it was too much at the time – a mistake by Mao – but you do find people arguing that it was also a time of great equality. As for the Soviet Union, the tendency now is to stress continuities between the two, especially in light of the closeness between China and Russia now (the Russians often do the same, stressing the great achievements of the Soviet Union when they are in China at least). What is more interesting is that the Chinese approach to Stalin is quite different from elsewhere (even in Russia), for they see a need to assess the achievements of the Soviet Union at the time and its mistakes.

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