New piece on Culture Matters: Jesus and Marx

My regular monthly piece on Culture Matters is now up, simply called ‘Jesus and Marx‘.


One thought on “New piece on Culture Matters: Jesus and Marx

  1. regarding your comments on “Miracles’: I’ve long thought that militant atheism is a truly bad idea. Antagonism towards religion makes alliances with other justice-seekers very difficult, and misses the point totally: there is nothing necessarily in religious belief that precludes opposition to oppression, and support for liberating human experience by establishing Kant’s Kingdom of Ends [another variation on to each/from each].

    Working on a conference dealing with abolition of prisons a few years back, i was not impressed with the ‘rationalists’ in the discussion who were bogged down in the ‘impossibility’ of the concept. from whom did it find support? from a guest speaker who had spent 18 years in prison for a murder, and who subsequently was proved innocent. how could he support prison abolition? because: with god, all things are possible. this perspective is far more likely to lead to socialism than that of the school of ‘crackpot realists’ [thanks c.wright mills].

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